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Literacy is at the root of a person’s ability to succeed, and the family is at the heart.

In 1989, the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) pioneered a four-component family literacy model of bridging the adult and child classrooms to bring families together for a powerful synergy in literacy development for both generations. This two-generation approach to family learning harnesses the strength of parent-child bonds to help those who are most at risk of failing economically, emotionally, and socially.

NCFL has since helped more than two million families make educational and economic progress by continuously developing, implementing, and documenting innovative and promising two-generation practices, networks, and learning tools.

Education leaders, policy makers, prestigious Fortune 500 companies, national media, and academic experts all recognize and support NCFL’s work. As important, the support of teachers and volunteers helps us build relationships that facilitate learning—from teacher to student, and, most importantly, from parent to child.

NCFL provides the professional development and technical assistance support to the FACE program, and has done so for 26 years. Learn more about the results of FACE and NCFL’s two-generation solutions here. For more information on NCFL’s services and resources, download our brochure here, or visit our website.