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How Does FACE Help? 

Since 1990, FACE has served over 48,000 adults and children using our center-based model. 

Early Childhood

FACE has shown evidence-based outcomes for preschool children, ages three and four years, within a curriculum approach that is: 

  • Developmentally appropriate 
  • Incorporates active learning 
  • Includes evidence-based teaching strategies–particularly in the areas of language/literacy learning and mathematics 

 The approach used in FACE is the NCFL CIRCLE: A Developmentally Appropriate Preschool Model. 


Parent Time

Parent time is when parents learn how to help their children in school. These lessons are designed for: 

  • Native culture and language 
  • Effective family life 
  • Child development 
  • Family health 

Adult Education

Parents can also work toward their own learning goals in several areas: 

  • Education 
  • Employment 
  • Personal and Family Life 

 With adult education, parents can gain knowledge of their culture and language as well as technology skills (like computers) to obtain and keep a job. 


Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time®

Parents and children work and play together in the classroom, supporting and participating in their play.  

 Teachers are present to provide support, model reading strategies, and provide ideas to help children learn at home

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